Partner with Mike & Youth for Christ


5 Things to know about YFC Canada…

Youth for Christ is a Registered Charity with the Government of Canada / Canada Revenue Agency
You will receive an official tax receipt which will be sent to you by YFC
100% of the funds donated will go to my ministry account under YFC
My target salary was set by YFC – Not me personally
These funds are handled by YFC, they don’t go straight into my personal bank account

 4 Things to know from Mike…

I am on the road speaking 270 days a year, and I also run a ministry of 200+ young professionals
The hope is half my salary will come from donations and the other half through speaking
With the exception of when I literally speak, all of the other ministry stuff off “stage” has been volunteered
I have incredible people praying for me – I invite you to be the answer to these prayers

3 Ways to help…

Become a monthly partner with a number that fits your personal budget
Become a “lite” monthly partner by donating $10 a month
Become a special partner by giving a one-time financial gift

2 Ways to give…

 Here –
Request a donation package through email, social media or text and then mail it in yourself

1 Reason why to do this….

It’s all for His Kingdom and I can’t do this alone…and I want to own a puppy